• Report on Industrial Schools for Indians and Half-Breeds, N.F. Davin, 3/14/1879. This “confidential” report to the Canadian Minister of the Interior served as the basis for modelling the Canadian residential schools after the United States boarding school policy. Very condemning evidence of approach and intent, from officials of both nations. Also includes the assignment of various regions to various denominations of Christian churches. Commonly called the “Davin Report.”
  • Visualizing a Mission: Artifacts and Imagery of the Carlisle Indian School (1879-1918). 2004 exhibit catalogue, Dickinson College.  Examines artifacts that illustrate how the nation’s first Native American boarding school was part of a larger process of government-led cultural assimilation.
  • 1897 Commencement program for Carlisle Indian Industrial School. Note the titles of the orations given by the students and the depth of the cultural eradication efforts.
  • Americanizing the American Indians: Writing by the “Friends of the Indian” 1880-1900, Francis Paul Prucha, ed., Harvard University Press 1973,  Bison Books, Univ. of Nebraska Press 1978. (See the table of contents, chapters 6 and 9.)

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