The National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition (NABS) is pleased to announce a call for nominations for new Board Members. We are also accepting self-nominations. Nominations are due by September 15, 2016. Download the Nomination Form

The Mission of NABS is to work to ensure a meaningful and appropriate response from responsible agencies for those Native American individuals, families, and communities victimized by the United States’ federal policy of forced boarding school attendance and to secure redress from responsible institutions in order to support lasting and true community-directed healing.

Our programmatic strategies are focused on creating Awareness, taking Action, pursuing Justice, and encouraging Healing:

  • Awareness: Promote awareness of the US Indian Boarding School Era, policies, and history through education and outreach emphasizing on truth telling about government and church involvement, the resulting trauma, and the lasting effects of the Boarding School Era and experiences.
  • Action: Take action to facilitate, sponsor, or participate in events, workshops, conferences, and to publish, support, or disseminate research and reports that support awareness, healing, and justice of Indian Boarding School survivors and their descendants.
  • Justice: Seek justice through pursuit of restitution, reparations, redress, and public apology and official acknowledgment from all government and religious institutions involved as well as the achievement of public awareness and community healing.
  • Healing: Provide opportunities, training, models, and education for community-led, culturally-relevant, spiritual, emotional, and psychological healing based on facts and research regarding Historical, Generational, and Complex Trauma.

We are interested in candidates who are Boarding School Survivors who are willing to share their experience and talents to enhance the mission of the Boarding School Healing Coalition.

We are also interested in receiving nominations for candidates with a commitment to Native American communities and who bring expertise in some specific areas:

  • Trustee experience on a national foundation board;
  • Financial expertise;
  • Tribal council experience;
  • Native/indigenous organizations, board, or other leadership positions;
  • Human rights, legal and/or justice background;
  • Communications/marketing expertise;
  • Fundraising and development experience.

Board members are expected to fully participate in quarterly board meetings, annual retreat, working committees and are required to participate in NABS’ annual meeting.

The deadline for submission is Thursday, September 15, 2016.

Please note: 1) only current Regular Members of the Coalition are eligible to nominate someone for a board position; and 2) if voted onto the board, the nominee must be, or must become, a Regular Member prior to joining the board. See Membership Information.

NABS’ Board of Directors has appointed a Committee who will consider the nominations and develop a slate of candidates to stand for election as directors of NABS’ board, by the Regular Members at the annual membership meeting in October.

Download the Board Nomination Form